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Last night I opened up another box of toy, and it’s Mike and Sulley from one of my favorite Pixar Movies, Monster Inc. I thought it would be awesome to have a mini figure “Boo” as well, but it didn’t come with the set. Just Mike and Sulley with accessories.

Mike & Sulley is the first Revoltech toy figure that I’ve ever opened. Revoltech means “Revolver Technology” and indeed the revolver joints in these collectible toys were awesome! What toy can make realistic poses than this?


So Mike & Sulley came with a Monster Inc blue hat each. Sulley has an extra “Angry Face” and a removable “Tail”.  Sulley has a pretty big base so it can easily stand on its own. While Mike, although with thin legs and feet can also stand once you properly align his legs and feet. Mike can easily sit on a lego while Sulley cannot sit anyhow.



I am so amazed at how you can possibly move their eyeballs! You can have the toys look in different directions to make realistic poses. Sulley can look down on Mike, and Mike can look up on Sulley as if they are really talking to each other.


Now that I have opened my first Revoltech, I cannot wait to open the rest: Woody, Jessie and Buzz!


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