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Beginning March of 2014, I decided to collect toys or mini action figures to be exact. I am just starting out with the hobby, so I’m not that familiar with lots of good toy companies. A few that I’ve seen recently are Funko Pop’s, Nendoroids and Revoltechs. Their products are mostly collectible toys or figures and are considered as “adult toys” because of the delicate features and really small parts.

Among the first ones that I got for myself was a Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7 which I got on sale with a BOGO (Buy one get one) deal. I couldn’t resist the promo, because I can get both Iron Man and Spiderman for the price of one! I got the deal on Clippers in Glorietta 2 on March 14, 2014. The Iron Man Nendoroid was the last piece on the shelf, I’m not sure if they are going to restock him or not.

So here’s the Iron Man Nendoroid or mini figure! He is really CUTE! To give justice to its cuteness, I gathered several photos from the manufacturer’s website “GoodSmileCompany”. By the way this mini figure is just 3.5 inches in height!

Iron Man Mini Figure

It’s awesome how you can move his arms around to make a pose.

Iron Man Nendoroid

Look it’s Tony Stark Mini Me (Midget) Inside!

Iron Man Mini Figure

It comes with awesome effects (accessories) that you can attach to both hands and feet.

Iron Man Nendoroid

Here is the stand that holds him securely in a flying position.

Aside from the cuteness of the small toys that I’ve mentioned earlier. I really wanted to collect them to continue my hobby in photography. This time it’s going to be all about toys.

Here’s my first take on toy photography with Mini Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit. What do you think? You can follow me on Instagram @kaycmiranda for more toy photos!



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  1. How much did you buy it in BoGO? 🙂 thank you

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